As exciting as moving home might be, the idea of losing, breaking, or ruining one of your valuables doesn’t bear thinking about.

There’s an awful lot to take into consideration when moving home. It’s why so many people unfortunately overlook the importance of packing correctly and taking care of their most valuable belongings.

Fear not, as we’ve decided to put together 10 brilliant tips for transporting your most valuable goods, safely.


  1. Make sure you’re covered

Moving insurance is there for a reason. Because, let’s face it, even if you follow every tip in this blog by the book, something could still go wrong.

It’s highly unlikely, but insurance really is that cushion you’ll need, should the worst happen. It’s pretty affordable, too.


  1. Start packing early

The earlier you start the packing process, the sooner you can identify which belongings need ultra-special care during the move process.

More importantly, if you start packing too late, you’ll inevitably rush things and end up packing the most important stuff less than securely.


  1. Only use the best packaging

Poor packing materials and boxes will do nothing for your valuables. So, don’t skimp on these essential tools – only opt for strong boxes, high-quality tape, and plenty of bubble wrap.


  1. Identify your most valuable, speciality items

Some possessions are particularly valuable, whether it be for sentimental reasons or the monetary value.

Identifying these items early on will help you decide what to do with them when they need to be moved. What’s more, it’ll help you find speciality items (think chandeliers, pianos, gym equipment – that sort of thing) which may need special attention from the removals firm.


  1. Transport the smaller valuables yourself

No matter how great your removals company, you may simply feel better transporting some of the smaller valuables yourself.

This is completely understandable – just remember to pack them with the same care and quality packaging.


  1. Use storage

Sometimes, it’s easier to simply get the most valuable possessions out of the way during a move.

This is where storage comes in handy. If you really want to keep specific items safe, book a self-storage unit in which you can keep them until you’re settled in and have more time.


  1. Pack valuables before anything else

To ensure your valuables aren’t misplaced during the move (or, worse, forgotten entirely), make sure you pack them first.

You may even find that your removals company suggests packing valuables before anything else in order to keep them as safe as possible while in transit.


  1. Keep notes of where valuables are during transportation

It’s easy to lose track of where your valuables are during a move – particularly if they’re small and easily hidden.

Get as meticulous as possible about labelling boxes and making notes about where valuables are stored during the move. It’ll help you find them quickly when you get to the destination, and ensure you leave nothing behind.


  1. Hire a great removals company

This one is simple. To avoid having any issues whatsoever with your valuable possessions, make sure you hire a reputable, highly-regarded removals company. They’ll treat your stuff with the utmost care, and it offers huge peace of mind.


  1. Check your drawers for valuables

We all hide away valuables in drawers sometimes. And that’s fine – until you decide to move home and forget that’s where you put them.

Depending on the item in question, leaving it in a drawer may result in it being damaged during transit through no fault of your own or the removals company. So, before you leave, make sure you fully check every drawer and cupboard for loose valuables.

If there’s one takeaway from the advice above, it’s that expert advice and assistance will always offer ultimate peace of mind during your move.

You’ve got enough to deal with, so why not leave the transportation (or storage) of your most valuable items to people who will treat it like their own?

Get in touch with the Squab team to find out how we can help.