If you don’t know “a man or woman with a van”, you’ve got two choices:

The latter is nearly always the best option unless the van is something you’ll be using every day for work. If that’s not you, then van hire is the most cost-effective way of getting the job done.

The reason is simple. It provides the ultimate peace of mind. You don’t have to go through the rigmarole of researching and leasing a van, and you have zero worries about maintenance.

You just grab the vehicle you need and hit the road. Simple!

Here are seven of the most common reasons people decide to hire vans.


  1. Moving home

This is, as you might expect, the number one reason people rent vans. And it isn’t always because they’ve decided to adopt a DIY approach.

Sometimes, you may want to transport specific items yourself, leaving the harder stuff to the removals team. While you might be able to use your own car for the task, you’ll probably need to faff around with the seats and risk damaging the upholstery.

That isn’t much fun.

No matter how you’re moving home, van hire will ensure you can transport stuff to your new abode safely and with zero damage to your own vehicle.


  1. Off to university

When your kids depart for university, they’ll probably take a lot more than their laptop and phone charger.

In fact, they’ll probably surprise you with just how much stuff they need (want) to transport to their halls of residence.

The good news? That means it’ll no longer clutter your house, but you do need to help them get it there, and a van is probably your best bet to do so safely.


  1. “I’m thinking about starting the band again”

Vans are an ever-present sight at gigs and festivals, for one very good reason: they’re the only vehicle into which you’ll want to chuck your gear.

Whether you’re undertaking a few gigs yourself or helping a band make the most of the summer festival season, a van will ensure every mic lead, speaker cabinet, and guitar arrives safely.


  1. Bulky item transportation

Perhaps you’ve got an upright piano you’ve gifted to a relative. Maybe you’ve just bought a new motorbike which needs to be transported to your home.

You may even have simply bought or sold a piece of furniture on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Whatever bulky item you need to deliver, collect, or move, a hire van will make the job an absolute cinch.


  1. Exhibitions and events

If you’re planning an exhibition or some other form of business event such as a product launch, you’ll probably have a fair amount of stuff to transport.

Banners, tables, chairs, and the miscellaneous promotional material needed for such events takes up more space than you might think. They’re also usually pretty awkward shapes and sizes, which means transporting by car isn’t really an option.

A van? It’ll contain everything you need for your exhibition, launch, or show and ensure it arrives safely at the venue.


  1. Business reasons

As noted earlier, if your business needs a van day-in, day-out to operate, you’re best off buying or leasing.

But what about those ad-hoc requirements for larger transportation? For instance, if you need to occasionally run events (see above) or conduct door-to-door deliveries of large items, van hire will be your knight in shining armour.

Not every business needs a van fleet, but, sometimes, a bit more space is needed while out on the road. If that sounds familiar, avoid the expense of buying a van that’ll only see occasional use and hire instead.


  1. Carry on camping

If you’re one of the many Brits who has recently discovered the joy of the ‘staycation’, you may have your sights set on a camping holiday this year.

If that’s the case, can you really be bothered with packing your call full of camping kit – and people?

Hire vans are a great option for camping trips. They’ll ensure everything can be easily packed away, securely, while still transporting three members of your party.

Have we hit upon a reason you need to hire a van? Awesome! Get in touch with the Squab team to find out just how cost-effective van hire should be.