Need to get somewhere in a vehicle that isn’t yours? Then you’re probably considering some form of self-drive hire service.

That’s a smart idea – it’s what most people do when their own car just won’t fit the bill (or if they don’t have a vehicle at all).

However, if you’ve been put off a self-drive hire service before, it’s probably because you only had a limited choice when it came to the type of hire you could choose. It may have been for too long or too short a period.

This is why flexible hire periods work far better.

Let us explain!


What you need is a 24-hour rental cycle

Everyone is different when it comes to hire vehicles. People might want them by the hour, by the day, or by the week.

We’ve always believed the choice should be down to you, and that you shouldn’t be dictated to by a rigid, inflexible choice of hire periods.

This is why we operate a 24-hour rental cycle. That means it’s optional and can be used from 9am to 9am every single day. It’s how we quote our pricing, which makes it ultra-simple, fair, and flexible.


The day you choose does make a difference

When booking a hire van or car on a 24-hour rental cycle, the pricing should be very reasonable. However, there is usually one exception.

For instance, due to increased demand during peak hire periods, our prices at weekends do raise slightly. They’re still bookable during that 9am-9am period, but if you want the cheapest rate possible, it’s always better to go for a Monday booking!

Despite this, we can offer the same vehicles on an hourly basis, the pricing for which is left at the discretion of the store manager.


How long do people usually hire vans for?

The length of time you hire a van obviously depends on the task in hand, but one of the main reasons we supply hire vans is for house moves.

In those circumstances, most people will hire the van for two or three days. This depends on the size of the move, but it’s a pretty safe bet for a standard three- or four-bedroom home.

What’s more, those hires typically take place during the weekend, from Friday to Monday. Therefore, if you’re embarking on that kind of adventure, it might be best to look for a competitive day rate.


Longer journeys

If you’ve got a big road trip planned, hiring by the week is usually your best bet. Most hire companies (like us) will work with you on this to find the most competitive rate.

This is particularly useful if you’re relocating abroad or doing some form of supply run which means you’ll need the vehicle for an extended period of time.

One thing to look out for is the times during which you’re able to drop the vehicle back, because this can impact your plans significantly. For instance, some hiring companies will only accept drop-offs when they’re open. At Squab, we’re a bit different – you can drop it off whenever suits you, even if we’re not open. This is thanks to the handy key box that exists at all of our sites. We like to make things as easy as possible for you!

We hope this has proved useful, but if you’ve got any further queries on the types of van hire that are available and how best to pay for them, just get in touch with the Squab team, today.