There are so many things to think about when it comes to moving home, but it’s often the mechanics of the process which are so easily overlooked.

For instance, have you thought enough about the movement of your possessions? Do you see it as just one giant task on the day, or should you be a little bit more strategic about it?

If you’re looking to undertake your move personally without the aid of removals specialists, there’s a reason van hire exists. But there’s also a reason self-storage exists, and there’s a crucial link between the two that we’d like to explore today.


From home to van

You will doubtless have a number of possessions which need to move to your new home. But some aren’t essential, are they?

That’s fine and totally normal. If we think about the essential stuff: your wardrobes, bed, sofas, and cooking utensils, for instance, they have little choice but to be moved on the day.

But then there’s your antique book collection. Oh, and the kids’ toys which you know they barely play with at the moment but will undoubtedly want immediate access to a few weeks after the move. And your off-season clothes which are in boxes in the attic.

What do you do with those possessions? You put them in temporary self-storage!

How do you get them there? You hire a van!

And, if you choose a company like Squab, you’ll benefit from both van and self-storage hire from the same company. That means one point of contact and a totally seamless transition from home to van.


From van to storage

You have two options with those non-essential possessions if you don’t want them to travel with you on the day of the move.

The first is to offload them. You can do this either by calling on the services of a willing friend or relative, or by selling the stuff you don’t want on eBay or Facebook marketplace. There’s nothing wrong with either option, but what if, a) you don’t really want to put that kind of burden on your mate, and, b) you know you’ll regret selling certain items?

The other option is, once again, self-storage. These units are super-secure, convenient and, most importantly, completely independent to your space. That means you can bung as much stuff as you want in there and forget about it during the move.

Remember, if you’re using the same company for van and storage unit hire, you’ll experience the easiest way to get your possessions safely tucked away. You can then rest in the knowledge that everything is safe – until you need it.


From storage to new home

The great thing about using self-storage during a home move is that you can take your time moving everything to the new abode. You can avoid overwhelm and rushing to find a place for everything in one exhausting day.

Those non-essential items in storage can be retrieved when you’re ready for them, and combined again with van hire, the whole process will be as stress-free as it should be.

Spacing out the move of your possessions like this will have a hugely positive impact on the move. You’ll feel less stressed, have more time to enjoy the move process and can rest easy in the knowledge that your belongings are safe and secure.

The best news about this strategy? It’ll cost far less than you think. Both van and self-storage are very affordable these days, and the payback in convenience and peace of mind is really worth it.

Squab even provides a unique packaging service, too, where we’ll do the hard work for you and ensure everything is packed safely, ready for transportation.

Find out how we can help your possessions get from van to storage to new home by contacting the Squab team, today.