How To Pack A Moving Van Safely 4 Top Tips

Knowing how to pack a moving van safely is crucial for numerous reasons, not least of which is safety. Load in the wrong way and the moving van could easily tip when cornering, or go into a spin if during emergency braking. So getting basic understanding of how to pack a moving van is important, it also can help with fuel economy, reduce the number of trips needed, and stay with the rules of the road.

If you are planning on doing a DIY move then you’re probably planning on renting a van as well. Since it’s going to be a DIY move, this means that you are going to do everything on your own, including packing a moving van. You need to know how to effectively and efficiently pack a van to be able to maximise the space, while also distributing the weight evenly to avoid damage to your valuables.

Whether this is your first time packing a moving van on your own or not, the tips below on how to pack a moving van safely will help you to efficiently do it.

  1. How To Pack A Moving Van Safely
  2. Packing A Moving Van #1: Know The Right Moving Van Size
  3. Packing A Moving Van #2: Prepare All Packing Supplies
  4. Packing A Moving Van #3: Loading Largest And Heaviest Items
  5. Packing A Moving Van #4: Packing Your Moving Van Methodically
  6. Know How To Pack A Moving Van Safely So You Can Enjoy A Safe Move

Packing A Moving Van #1: Know The Right Moving Van Size

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the right size of moving van rental that you need. A smaller moving van may be cheaper and tempting to rent, but this could cost you more time and money. Choosing a small moving van rental means going back and forth to and from your destination. This may also mean that you will have to exchange the van for a bigger size, which will cost you more. Both can be time consuming and can cause you a major headache.

For you to be able to choose the right moving van rental, read the company’s descriptions of their van rentals. A reputable van rental company should be able to provide you with a clear explanation online on how many boxes you can fit inside. For instance, most 10 ft van rentals can load a maximum of up to 2,810 pounds, 1,274 kilograms, so have the ability to move a couple of home bedrooms.

If you are unsure about the van hire descriptions or they seem to be unclear, you can always contact the representative of the moving car rental company for any needed advice. Also, don’t forget to check whether the moving van rental company comes with a loading ramp as this will make it easier for you to pack heavier belongings, appliances, larger boxes, and furniture to the van.

Packing A Moving Van #2: Prepare All Packing Supplies

Before you start loading your moving van, be sure to prepare all packing supplies for the move itself. You will need to prepare packing tapes, plastic wraps, sturdy boxes, and as well as a dolly to help you with loading heavier items. You may also need to prepare blankets, furniture pads, and other extra protection for use in your hire van.

When loading a moving van, you need to make sure that every valuable in there is properly packed with a lot of protection. This simply means using moving blankets or furniture pads to fill in the gaps in between the boxes and the furniture items that you have. Filling the gaps will help prevent them from shifting while transporting them, while also ensuring that they don’t scrape against each other, or get impact damage from banging enroute.

Besides furniture pads, you may need a mattress bag to help cover your mattress, and moving straps to hold every item in its place. There are a lot of moving supplies that you can purchase, some moving van rental companies offer moving supplies as well so make sure to enquire to know whether they offer moving supplies or not.

Packing A Moving Van #3: Loading Largest And Heaviest Items

If you are moving furniture as well, it would be best to disassemble them first as this will help maximise the space and distribute the weight of the furniture evenly. For instance, you can take the legs off the table so you can store it upright on the van without having the legs sticking out. This will help leave more room for your other valuables.

Once you’ve disassembled the furniture that you have, you can start loading the largest and heaviest items that you need to move. Some of these items may include coffee tables, sectionals, couches, washers/dryers, refrigerators, chairs, tables, bed frames, and mattresses. When putting tables, headboards, couches onto a moving van rental, make sure that they are in an upright position. It is also recommended to place them close to the front of the moving van. Lastly, don’t forget to use moving straps to securely hold the furniture items in place.

Packing A Moving Van #4: Packing Your Moving Van Methodically

Methodically packing your moving van is the best way to load the van. Here are some tips on how you can properly pack your van rental.
Have a couple of people on the van to look after the loading process and ensure that the floor plan is being followed.

Start loading from the very back of the load space, progressing backwards to the rear loading doors.

If possible, stack all the way to the roof and make sure that the heaviest items are at the bottom. Keeping the centre of gravity low and forward.

As much as possible, pack all items as tightly as you can. The reason for this is because you want to limit the movement as much as possible, especially during transit. When items keep on moving during transportation, they are more likely to get damaged and break.

To create a safe load, use moving straps or rope to tie items and boxes together. You will be driving the van and you don’t want boxes and furniture sliding behind you.

For extra protection, fragile items including mirrors and artwork should be placed behind mattresses. Also, fragile items should be marked “Fragile” and should be loaded last.

Once you are loading larger items into your moving van, light weight and loose items should be placed in the gaps. This may include blankets and rugs as they are perfect for filling up empty spaces.

Know How To Pack A Moving Van Safely So You Can Enjoy A Safe Move

There are a lot of moving van rental options today, and choosing the right hire van will help make your move easier. When choosing a moving van rental, always make sure to find the hire van that best fits your needs and budget. Remember to choose the right size, and get the right insurance. Usually a reputable moving van rental company that offers different van sizes appropriate to your needs, and make sure you use these top tips on how to pack a moving van safely while you’re using it.