Accidentally breaking or losing one of your most valuable belongings doesn’t bear thinking about – particularly if it happens during a house move.

There’s so much to think about when moving home, which is why, when people rush each vital task, it puts their possessions at greater risk.

The good news is that if you hire the right removals company, or – if you decide to go it alone – the best van hire, you’re well on your way to protecting what matters most.

There are plenty of other things you can do, though. And with that in mind, here are six of our best tips for transporting your valuable goods, safely.


  1. Get some insurance in place

Insurance is only there when you need it – but that’s exactly the point when it comes to your most valuable possessions.

Imagine if you didn’t have insurance cover and, during transportation, your prized upright piano was significantly damaged. What would it cost to get it fixed?

There are loads of insurance options out there for removals, but make sure you’ve got the right van hire insurance in place, too. It’s a huge weight off your mind (even if the chances of you calling on it are slim).


  1. Get really boring about where your valuables are

Yes, the idea of meticulously labelling everything you need to transport might sound like a night-in from hell, but it’s one of the most important things you’ll do.

This is particularly the case for valuables. If you know exactly where they are amongst everything else, you’ll know where to place most of your effort. What’s more, it’ll ensure you can pack and unpack the most valuable stuff first to ensure its dealt the best possible care.


  1. Don’t skimp on van hire

It might be tempting to move everything yourself in your own car, but how sure can you be that you won’t damage your valuables in the process? More importantly, how many trips will it take?

Vans are built to transport large, complex, valuable loads, which is why hiring one is a solid investment.

This is not least because your car is probably pretty valuable to you, too, and the last thing you’ll want to do is damage it while moving your worldly belongings.

The best news? Van hire doesn’t have to be expensive, and it will usually come with all of the insurance you need, as outlined in tip 1.


  1. Use storage instead

If you need to transport valuables as part of a home move but feel particularly nervous about doing so, self-storage could be your knight in shining armour.

By instead transferring those valuables to secure storage, you can get them out of sight and focus on everything else. Then, you can simply return to them when ready.

The benefit of doing this is twofold. Firstly, they’re less likely to inadvertently receive poor treatment on the day of the move and, secondly, you can devote far more time to them once you’re settled in.


  1. Consider professional moving services if needed

Let’s say one of your valuables is a baby grand piano. That won’t fit into your hatchback and getting it into a van requires more skill than you probably possess.

This is an example of a valuable which is best moved by professionals. It means a little bit more expense but imagine what it would cost if you dropped that piano while trying to get it into the back of a van.

Professional moving services exist for a reason. If you simply don’t feel confident at all moving a specific valuable – get the pros in!


  1. Buy only the best packaging materials

There are three things which will save your bacon when moving valuable goods:

  • strong boxes (either cardboard or plastic);
  • high-quality tape; and
  • lots of bubble wrap.

Skimping on packaging materials will leave your valuable goods far more susceptible to damage.

The boxes your Amazon deliveries arrive in won’t be strong enough, and Sellotape just won’t cut it. Buy the proper stuff – the small investment will be worth it in terms of peace of mind.

We’ve talked a lot about house moves in this guide, but the same rules can be applied to any task where you need to move something very valuable from Point A to Point B.

Remember – if you’ve decided to do the moving yourself, just get in touch with the Squab team to find the best van hire for the task.