Top 5 Tips To Improve Focus For Safer Driving When Hiring A Van

When hiring a van and driving it to your specific destinations, it can become a mindless task especially if it becomes a part of your everyday routine. Going on autopilot when driving a van, or any vehicle for that matter, can be a dangerous habit. That is why it is essential to always be alert and focused while behind the wheel, regardless of whether your van hire is for personal or business reasons, and especially if you have hired a van to cope with a big spike in demand due to supply chain issues.

Keep in mind that every time you get behind the wheel of a van, SUV, or any car, you are responsible for controlling that vehicle. Yes, even if you are driving at low speeds, this can be a huge responsibility as reflected with updated rules of the road. Literally, your life, the life of your passengers, and those around you are in your hands, that is why it is essential to focus on the road while you’re driving a van.

But how can you make sure that you are a hundred percent focused when driving? Here are some of the tips on how to improve focus for safer driving when hiring a van to keep you, your family, and the people around you safe while you are behind the wheel.

  1. Top 5 Tips To Improve Focus For Safer Driving When Hiring A Van
  2. Improving Focus Tip 1 Stop Daydreaming While Behind The Wheel
  3. Improving Focus Tip 2 Eliminate Any Distractions
  4. Improving Focus Tip 3 Keep Yourself Alert
  5. Improving Focus Tip 4 Ensure Conversations Are Light
  6. Improving Focus Tip 5 Maintain A Clean and Clear Windshield and Windows
  7. How To Improve Focus For Safer Driving When Hiring A Van

Improving Focus Tip 1 Stop Daydreaming While Behind The Wheel

One of the most common distractions when it comes to driving is daydreaming, and it can be really difficult to notice. Drifting, thinking about specific things, including a conversation you just had, a problem at work, the groceries that you need to pick up, can be dangerous distractions even if your eyes are focused on the road and your hands are steadily on the wheel. The reason for this is because your reaction times are impaired significantly when your mind is elsewhere.

Daydreaming can be difficult to avoid but practice can help. When driving a van, it is best to stay as mindful as possible. Notice all the vehicles around you, paying extra attention to road signs and traffic patterns, while also keeping an eye out for potential hazards. Also, it is best to avoid listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and loud music. Some people think that listening to these can help, but they can actually take your mind off of the road and distract you from your main task, driving. Rather than intense music, use music that improves focus if you want to listen to music to help you drive.

Now, if you are having a hard time focusing while driving, it would be best to consider taking a course on advanced driving. These courses will help enhance your driving skills, while also providing additional practical tips for keeping awareness high and your mind on the road.

Improving Focus Tip 2 Eliminate Any Distractions

One of the most dangerous and most prevalent problems on the roads today is distracted drivers. Drivers are often distracted by navigational systems, cell phones, pets, passengers, and vehicle controls, wherein they don’t give the task of driving the focused and careful attention that it requires. Here are a few ways on that you can eliminate distractions effectively:

Mobile Phones Reduce Focus

Putting your mobile phone on silent or turning it off. You can also put it somewhere out of reach or out of sight, including in your purse, bag or the glove compartment, or behind you on the back seat. This will help you feel less tempted to reach for your phone even at the next red light or respond to a message or call when you hear your ringtone.

Tune Out Of Social Media To Stay More Focused

Stay away from any social media that you have. A lot of people feel like they need to check on their social media accounts even while driving. Some even think that it’s okay to take a photo for their Instagram or SnapChat while on the road or while waiting for the traffic light to turn red, but these are all far from okay. Always keep in mind that your social media followers can wait, the other people around you are counting on you being in full control of your vehicle though.

Use Do Not Disturb Features To Increase Focus

If you hate letting people wait for your reply or leaving messages unread, it would be best to enable your phone’s DND or Do Not Disturb feature. This is an automatic reply to any text messages that you receive while you are driving or otherwise busy. This will also help people know that you are currently on the road and will be responding later on.

Finish Your Morning Routine Before You Start Driving

Before you start driving your van, it would be best to finish all of your morning routine, including applying makeup, grooming, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast. These are also huge distractions for many, so it is best to make sure that you are a hundred percent ready before you start that van. As a note, while it is not illegal to eat or drink while driving in the UK, Police can charge you with careless driving if they consider you to lack proper control of your vehicle.

Get Everything Settled To Eliminate Distractions

Before leaving your home or any specific location with kids or pets, ensure that they are buckled safely in using their respective seatbelts, boosters, car seats, pet carriers, or harnesses. Now, if your kids tend to easily get bored on short or long drives, set them up with toys, books, or any other entertainment options before you start driving. In this way, they’re less likely to distract you while you’re driving, which could really be hazardous for you and everyone on board.

Know Where You’re Going So You Can Focus On Driving Fully

You should also make sure you know where you are headed before setting off in the van. If you are using a navigational device or a GPS, key in your destination before you start your van. It would also be good if you can preview your destination and the directions so you have an idea on where you need to go. This will help stop you from checking the navigation device or GPS system while you are driving, which can be a huge distraction.

Adjust Music Players Before Driving Off

Before driving off, it is best to set up your music, or whatever you wish to listen to. Remember that when you are too focused on changing the radio station or too busy on your Spotify playlist, you are not focusing on the road. So it would be best to choose your music before you start driving so your attention will be solely on the road and not on the radio or your phone looking for a new playlist. Remember, audio books and podcasts can be distractions in themselves.

Improving Focus Tip 3 Keep Yourself Alert

Drowsy driving is another danger that plagues the roadways nowadays. In fact, not being alert while driving is as dangerous as driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving only when you feel alert and awake will help you and the people around you stay safe while you’re behind the wheel. If unfortunately, you need to drive while you’re tired, you can always help improve your level of alertness by drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee. But make sure to do this before you get in the van, as drinking or eating behind the wheel can be a huge distraction as well.

You can also listen to upbeat music, rolling down your windows to get fresh air, or adjusting the air conditioner to help you stay alert. Now, after doing all these and you still feel too tired to drive, it is best to pull over or find a safe area, perhaps a well lit parking lot, so you can take a quick nap. If you can’t seem to find a safe place to do this, you can find a nearby travel hotel so you can sleep and get rested to the point you can focus well enough to drive safely.

Improving Focus Tip 4 Ensure Conversations Are Light

Talking to your passengers while driving is definitely acceptable as this can help you feel alert while driving. But when conversing, it is best to talk about topics that don’t actually require you to put in a lot of effort into thinking.

In-depth conversation can be a huge distraction and you don’t want to get distracted while driving a van especially on a busy road. If the topic is veering toward something that will make you feel emotional and unable to safely drive, it would be best to change the topic.

Improving Focus Tip 5 Maintain A Clean and Clear Windshield and Windows

When hiring a van, make sure that the windshield and windows are clean and are free from chips or cracks. It is essential to have an unblemished and clean windshield and windows so you can clearly see whatever is on the road. Always do your best to keep your field of vision as wide and as clear as possible, so you can be calmly focused and ready for anything that driving throws at you.

If in any case your windshield or windows get obstructed by anything, immediately pull over and get rid of the obstructions so you can drive safely. Of course, before leaving the house or any destination, make sure that all the windows and the windshield are clean. You can always clean them before leaving the house to ensure that there are no obstructions whatsoever. This should be done alongside all other pre-driving van checks every journey.

How To Improve Focus For Safer Driving When Hiring A Van

These are the 5 tips on how to improve focus for safer driving when hiring a van. Remember that when you are on the road, you are not only responsible for yourself and the people inside your van, but also the other people on the road. So make sure to take extra precaution when driving and always focus your eyes and attention on the road to prevent accidents from happening. Follow the simple tips above and you can minimise worry about causing any mishaps while driving in the van that you rented.