Van security is not a subject that can be taken likely. With the alarming number of vans being targeted by thieves, it’s critical that all security measures are put in place to protect you and your goods from potential theft. With the use of van hire, you may be able to reduce your chances of being targeted. Van hire is one of the best ways to access the latest developments in van security and can help to deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle.


The impact of theft on your business

Having somebody break into your van can cause far more long-term damage than you may originally think. Not only will you have to replace your stolen belongings, but you’re also at risk of your business and earnings being impacted by loss of work.

At Squab Vehicle hire, we’ve put together some reasons why hiring a van could be the way forward when it comes to safety.


Could vehicle hire be the way forward?

If you own your business and have your own van, there is a high chance that you advertise your services using vehicle signage. Van signage is great for brand awareness and can be helpful in the unfortunate event that your van is stolen as your branding and contact details are on the bodywork. However, by using signage you’re potentially advertising what could be in your van to the wrong people. If thieves think you carry valuable items in your van in order to do your job, there’s a high chance of being targeted.

Hiring a van for Squab takes away the risk of advertising what is inside. Should you be carrying out an important job or transporting expensive goods, Squab’s signage doesn’t give much away, potentially deterring thieves from targeting you.


High Technology Security Equipment

At Squab, each of our vans is fitted with high tech security alarms and/or immobilisers alongside satellite tracking to ensure we can track the van in the case of an emergency or theft. Purchasing high tech security equipment can be very costly for small businesses, meaning many business owners cannot afford to secure their vans to a high standard. Hiring a van through Squab takes this financial pressure away and allows for peace of mind that the vehicle is secure.


Squab Insurance Protection

For the entire duration that you hire a vehicle from Squab you’re fully protected by insurance. Our fully comprehensive insurance cover offers full protection and is uniquely tailored to van hire. We have dedicated insurance packages dedicated to your age, experience, and licence history, and our insurance broker works closely with the team to ensure every customer has the best cover for them. The easy application process means that you’re insured and ready to go in no time.

Why not give it a go and see how you get on? To discuss hiring a van for your business, just call us today.