Over the last couple of years, there’s been a noticeable decrease in small businesses leasing their vehicles and an increased demand for commercial van hire. Anybody who’s started a business will know how expensive things are in the beginning, and forking out for a company van is often out of reach for many.

Today we’re talking about how your small business can benefit from van hire and some of the many reasons why you should consider temporary hire from Squab rather than leasing.


Healthier Cash Flow

Unless you’ve put enough money aside to buy a business vehicle outright, then the chances are you’re looking at paying a hefty bill for vehicle leasing every month. Sure, buying a vehicle may mean you can qualify for some allowances from the taxman, but you’re taking on much more than the cost of the vehicle itself.

Vehicle tax, multi-use insurance, and basic maintenance costs are just a couple of examples of added expenses that come with purchasing a company vehicle, not to mention increasing fuel costs and wear and tear. Hiring a vehicle only as and when you need it removes those risks and expensive monthly outgoings, resulting in a much healthier looking cash flow.


The Right Van For The Job

You’ll rarely be lucky enough to get your hands on a van that’s suitable for all jobs. Choosing the right van is a huge decision and purchasing the wrong one can end up impacting your business in more ways than one. You could choose a very large van and end up spending much more than necessary, or a smaller van and find yourself turning away from work because the vehicle isn’t suitable.

At Squab Van hire we have a variety of vans in different shapes and sizes to ensure that you’re using the most cost-effective and suitable van for the job. We have the knowledge and expertise to suggest the best vehicle and our van finder allows you to filter by size, accessibility, height, door type, practicality, and any other requirements for optimum peace of mind.


Reliable Vehicles

All our vehicles are thoroughly expected, serviced, and valeted regularly to ensure that they are running smoothly, are mechanically sound, and are presented to you as our customers with pride. Van hire takes away the worry of constant vehicle checks, labour and part charges, increasing mileage, and the inconvenience of being without a vehicle should your van have to go in for repairs.

At Squab, all our vans are fully insured with a built-in satnav system and are satellite tracked for safety and security.


Ideal For Now And Then Jobs

If you find your company needing a van a couple of times a week, or for odd jobs here and there, then van hire is the perfect solution for you. Our flexible rental periods range from half a day to as long as you need, and our guaranteed stress-free pickup means you can be back on the road in no time.

To find out more about how our van hire service could be beneficial to your business, contact a member of the Squab team today, we will be more than happy to help.